Below is a comprehensive listing of dulcimer festivals, workshops and camps. This site is dedicated to Madeline MacNeil, a wonderful friend who has played such an important role in the modern revival of the dulcimer and who is one of the leading performers of both the Mountain Dulcimer and the hammer dulcimer and who has one of the most wonderful singing voicces, to Ralph Lee Smith who has pioneered in documenting the history of the mountain dulcimer, to Keith Young who made my dulcimer and who was one of the leading makers of the dulcimer, to Jean Ritchie who is the individual most responsible for the modern dulcimer revival, to Sam Rizzetta who is the individual most responsible for the modern revival of the hammer dulcimer and who is a great hammer dulcimer maker and performer, and to Jean Schilling and her husband Lee who were the first to organize dulcimer festivals. —- It is also dedicated to such pre-revival dulcimer players and makers as John Scales, James Seales, Edward Thomas, C. P. Pritchard, Loraine Wyman, Ethel de Long, Jean Thomas, Mary Wheeler, Ed Wheeler, Jethro Amburgey, Nathan Hicks, Balis Ritchie, Homer Ledford, Bristol Taylor, Kenneth Ward, Annie Grimes, George Pickow, Edd and James Presnell, Frank Proffitt Sr. and Jr., Sam Russell, Sam Carroll, Hubert Rogers, the Melton family, the Glenn family, the Hicks family, Lynn McSpadden and Warren May to name just a few. —- Finally, at the end of the listing of dulcimer festivals are listed many of the current dulcimer players and makers, including Madeline MacNeil, Ralph Lee Smith, Robert Brereton. Steve Eulberg, Linda Lowe Thompson, Lois Hornbostel. Stephen Seifert, Don Pedi, Bing Futch, Jan Hammond, Nina Zanetti, Larry Conger, Anne Lough, Janita Baker, Doug Berch. Ken Kolodner, Aaron O’Rourke, Molly McCormack, Jody Marshall, Karen Ashbrook, Mike Allen, Guy George, Wendy Songe, Jeff Furman, Mike Anderson, Heidi Muller, Pam Weeks, John McCutcheon, Carol Walker, Bonnie Carol, Bonnie Leigh, David Schnaufer, Kendra Ward, Ron Ewing, Maureen Sellers, Carl Gotzmer, Ken Bloom, Susan Trump, Dave Haas, Butch Ross, Linda Brockington, Tull Glazener, Steve Smith, Lorinda Jones, Neal Walters, Judy Larabee, Richard Ash, Bill Taylor, Sarah Morgan, Jessica Comeau, Mike Clemmer, Nancy Barker, Joyce Ochs, Donna Ford, Jerry Rockwell, Larkin Bryant, Robert Force, Kerry Coates, Anna Duff, Thomasina, Michael Vickey, Rick Thum, Carollynn and Gene Langley, Virginia Spillman and Sue Frump, Fran Booth, Michael Vickey, Susan Vinson Sherlock, David Mahler, Lee Rowe, Peggy Carter, Sue Carpenter, Debbie Porter, Mark Gilston,Martha Giles, Alan Freeman, Ruth Barrett, the Itinerant String Band, the Martin Family Band and others.

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August 15-17, 2014 – August Dulcimer Daze, Dover, Vermont

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